The World of Bespoke

True to our brand name "Shakhsia" (Arabic & Urdu word meaning "Personality"), every design we create is a celebration of the uniqueness of our brides. So we ONLY create one of a kind unique piece for every bride reflecting on her personality and story, as if she is a Queen. We do not limit her options to seasonal collections, instead create an absolute bespoke dress for her. There are no two Shakhsia dress under the sun with same design. 

We take inspiration from our bride's innocent desire for her dream wedding dress and translate it into a detailed dress design sketch. This sketch is then brought to life by centuries old Indian Craftsmanship and hand embroidery heritage. Because we design with a Queen in mind, there is incredible attention to details at the heart of everything we do. Be it selection of materials, embellishments, embroidery techniques or construction. Nothing is trivial and everything is meticulously orchestrated.

We step by step carefully select together with our brides everything from the fabric, colour, texture, embroidery motifs, embellishments, finishes, shine, lustre, volume, fall and so on.

There is no compromise. Only LOVE and relentless drive to create a magical experience for our bride on her wedding day.