Details make the design


Every element of the dress design is selected and crafted with love and a intention.

Intention to say something and to show something. Something that reflects our bride's story, her taste and her personality.

Every dress creation starts like a treasure hunt to find the exact shade of element she has in mind example that shade of Gold. Not the 24 carat gold, not even pale gold, or white gold or palladium....but that perfect vintage gold shade which brings the subtle Royal Elegance with Timelessness.

Then to compliment vintage gold we search for the perfect shades, shapes and sizes of Japanese Pearls. To bring movement and dimensions mixing the seed pearl with rice pearls, tulip pearl, and round pearls, not too big making it too chunky and not too small either. But exactly what brings the Mariposa Lily flower motifs alive.

To create the frothy yet structured look we choose the right weight of silk organza ditching the tulle and chiffon fabric....

Every decision is carefully and intentionally made.

Intention to say something, to show something