10 tips to your dream wedding dress

  1. Body: We believe every body is perfect. Our expert team will work with you to creatively hide or highlight what you want (height, weight, hip, shoulder, arms, waist or anything else). Share with us what is important for you. 
  2. Style: Traditional or Trendy? Describe your preference in 3 adjectives - classic, regal, comfortable or trendy, grand, minimal, elegant or anything else.
  3. Ambience: Design and details of your dress must compliment the ambience at your wedding. Let us know if it would be a day or night, ball room or garden/beach setup and so on.
  4. Theme: share your plans whatever it would be, bohemian, regal, fairytale etc
  5. Details: If you prefer plain silk satin, beaded, fabric manipulation (frills, pleats, draping, ruching, laser cutting, smoking etc).
  6. Color: No, the wedding dress does not have to be white. Remember to discuss the options.
  7. Custom made or bespoke: depending on your style preference, the time in hand and budget you could choose to either customize an existing design or create an absolutely bespoke, never been done before design. A bespoke design is a reflection of you and tells the story you want. One of our favourite creations gave tribute to bride’s mother, who she wanted to walk the aisle with (but she lost her just months before the wedding). So, we designed a dress with bespoke embroidery details and motifs inspired by her mother’s favourite jewellery pieces. Not only the beauty but the soul of the design brought happy tears to everyone at the final fitting. We hope the bride could feel her mum closer to her on the wedding day, with the little details smiling back to her.
  8. Communication: be open and honest with your designer. We have years of experience and are in love with what we do. Therefore, if you are honest and upfront with us about what you want, with the budget and time that you have we will be able to to help you with your dream wedding dress, hopefully beyond your expectation. This has been our track record till date.
  9. Plan ahead: if you are looking for an absolutely unique design having 4-6 months in hand wins you half the battle, longer the better. Because with advance planning you can take advantage of Shakhsia’s wide network of design studios around the world. We are specialist in bespoke creations and could enable you to pick and choose every little detail from color, fabric, embellishments, to the last sequins on your dress embroidery, not just the overall design. You don't have to limit yourself to bridal shops or design houses who will sell you what they have or customize minor details at the maximum.
  10. Let your heart call the final shot: Despite all the advice you receive on appropriate silhouette, style, and fabric, you don't have to listen to any. Whether it's from your designer, consultant, your mother or best friend. If you want a 1 meter train don't care about the trend of 2-3 meter long train. If you want a fit and flair less puffy style to a grand ballroom wedding so be it. It's your big day and you have to be in love with what you wear.

A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.